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Don’t let the work day get you down—have a mutant dance party with Jubilee!!

(Epileptics, take caution—high contrast frames)

Collection of Beautiful Animation - You Yoshinari’s Homage to Tezuka

Returns January 5, 2013


We’re not Lanterns because of theseWe’re Lanterns because of this and this. 

Every now and again I have a moment when I’m just floored by how wonderful Hal is in this show.  Hearing that line would be one of those moments.


Cats Don’t Dance (1997)

This film was Gene Kelly’s final film project, wherein he served as a choreographer for the film’s lavish musical numbers that are throwbacks to the Golden Age of Hollywood, and the MGM musical. The film is dedicated to Kelly, as well as paying tribute to other stars of the past such as Bette Davis, Clark Gable and Jimmy Durante. 

Happy Easter you little ankle biter.


pretty much


pretty much